Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn Touch

October 2010: Hallowe'en Porch
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson
October 30th: Time to head into the basement to find my costume decision and spooky makeup, and to bring up the Hallowe'en tablecloth, sound effects, and candles. On October 31st, just before trick-or-treating begins, I set some warm amber glowies by our front steps amid the ivy -- well behind the railings, of course, so flammable little costumes won't drift across them.

This is an older photograph. Autumn color was slow to arrive in parts of Wisconsin this year, including to our ivy, which remained summer green -- until yesterday. I finally spotted my treasured ruby tinge among its leaves this morning.

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  1. The burst of autumn colour has been slow in arriving in the UK too, though those leaves that weren't torn off in the high winds are making up for lost time now. Hope you enjoyed an atmospheric halloween.