Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seven Mild Obsessions

Shortly before my blog staycation, vivid Franca of Oranges and Apples tagged me for the Stylish Blogger Award. I did this in January, too, but here are seven more tidbits.

The rules:
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Thank you, Franca! I don't know if these are stylish sharings, but they introduce miscellaneous interests that have influenced my particular multiple style disorder.

1. I have soooo many hobbies. I can find common ground with just about anyone. If you stay at my house, you don't need to bring reading material because you'll likely find something on the bookshelves that interests you.

May 2011: Blue Books
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

2. I've been fascinated by the British monarchy since I was a girl. I admit: I don't know if the monarchy serves any really useful purpose anymore, besides symbolism and charitable work. Buuuut: its history is so colorful and rich; the pomp, ceremony, jewels, and castles are enchanting; and the family includes some truly strong -- or at least interesting -- characters.

April 2011: Royal Wedding Tea
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

3. .... So of course I was obsessed with the Royal Wedding! I was too young to appreciate the Charles-Diana and Andrew-Sarah hullaballoos, but I looked forward to William or Harry finding a princess and making a grand wedding occasion for the world's delectation. These were my daybreak tea items for the US broadcast. A scone mix? I know; they're not that hard to make from scratch. But...six a.m., friends; six a.m. And I liked that the brand was King Arthur.

I also liked that the Silver Maple Royal Albert teacup I chose turned out to be thematically appropriate: the couple had the Westminster Abbey aisle lined with maple trees.

4. Another regal hobby: Renaissance festivals! Admission, food, and drink are costly, the days can be sweltering, and the commercial placement can get tacky. But from my first awed attendance, I've felt so...at home. I was among hundreds of costumed medieval and Renaissance afficionados, and goths and other whimsical darksiders; the air was fragrant with incense, spiced almonds, and roasting meat; I heard real music and bawdy jests; and there was so much opportunity to shop for solid, handcrafted items like soaps, leatherwork, natural fiber garb, pottery, perfumes, jewelry, acoustic music recordings, wooden toys, weapons, and chain mail bikinis.

1996?: Michigan Ren Fest Maypole Dance
Original photo by Elizabeth Cloud?
Photo adapted by Sarah Cloud Peterson

There I am doing the maypole dance at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I'm wearing a light, simple medievalish ensemble I made. I feel the summer festivals are too hot for aristocratic Renaissance attire; I don't know how the actors manage it every weekend.

5. Yet another geeky longtime hobby: Star Trek. Here I am at a Star Trek convention. I attended with my mom, who gave me night feedings whilst watching Star Trek. I'm pressing a Star Trek: The Next Generation communicator badge borrowed from Abs, yet another Trekkie. Dig my early 90s plaid flannel and tapered jeans! My T-shirt had a deep space scene:

1992: Beam Me Up
Original photo by Elizabeth Cloud
Photo adapted by Sarah Cloud Peterson

6. .... So of course I believe in aliens. I don't think they're visiting us much; Earth is still dismayingly violent, cruel, and dumb sometimes. But odds are there's at least microbial life somewhere else out there, and very possibly intelligent, feeling life. Although I'm interested in SETI efforts, I suspect that intelligent extraterrestrial lifeforms are so advanced or just plain different that they don't want to (or can't) communicate with us -- or they're communicating in ways we simply haven't perceived yet. And vice versa.

7. Finally, a less fantastical hobby: I'm hardly a sports fan, but I will geek out about Milwaukee Brewers baseball. Detroit Tigers baseball was always a part of my childhood, but I had to switch allegiance when I met my baseball-loving man in Wisconsin. I go happily to games if asked, and drink beer, and eat junk food, and cheer loudly. I like that I actually understand the rules, and that there're always surprises, suspense, and amazing plays even though the game's been around for a century and a half.

I'm not good at the tagging thing. Who among my blog circle hasn't done this one, and would like to? I'll edit with a tag list.


  1. You were aware of the Charles/Diana wedding. For a while, every bride and groom were "the princess and the daddy." Wish that local Star Trek Convention had become an annual event as planned. Special guests were Majel Barrett and John de Lancie (Q).

  2. yeah, so glad you ended up doing it! you have the most interesting life. My hobbies are pretty limited and uninteresting: knitting, yoga, the blog, indie music.

  3. I love the blue books photo - you know I think I actually had a copy of the Medieval Dress and Fashion but left it at my parents place in Oz. I will have to fish it out when I next return.

    The medieval festivals look like a lot of fun. What a wonderful event! I would have been in my element at one of those - do they still do them and do you still go?

    Oh and I was a Trekkie too!

  4. Mom - I don't think the local planners knew what they were getting into with a big event like a convention -- in terms of organization and expense. It would have been neat if it had been a regular thing, though. I still have John de Lancie's autographed photo somewhere, and I see the sticker I bought of him as Q -- it's in that bin of stuff you brought for me!

    Franca -I actually wish I had fewer hobbies, but ones that I was better at -- respectable master of a few, rather than a dabbler in many.

    Veshoevius - I have my eyes open from time to time for another copy of the Highwaymen book -- you might be getting a present someday. :-b

    They do still hold the Renaissance Festivals/Faires in many states, and I still go every few years to the Bristol Renn Faire in Wisconsin. I've just been wondering if the kids are ready for a visit.

    Was a Trekkie? Oh dear, did Trek lose you by the wayside, or did you lose it?