Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rose Clair I

To Roseline of {this is glamorous}, with regard to her post {colour inspiration: petal pink + french grey}:

"How delicious! You've inspired me to go around my house sometime soon, and photograph delicately whatever pale pink things I find."

And so I did. At least, I made a beginning.

Pale, warm pink has attracted me since I was a young child, but it doesn't look well on me; and for the sake of my husband's dignity it's a home decorating color only in my study and in our small white bathroom upstairs. Even there it's toned down with light steel grey for his towels. But I kept finding little pink notes as I looked around our rooms.

First, a pagoda clutch discovered during a browse of Jeffery's Antique Gallery in Findlay, Ohio with my sister; and an old silk chiffon scarf made in France...

May 2010: Pagoda Purse and French Silk
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

Another antique store wander brought me this mysterious paper mache plate. The dealer said it was from Venice, and it does remind me of the molding and gilding of paper mache Carnevale masks...

May 2010: Gold and Pink Paper Mache Plate
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

My memory is misty, but I believe I've had these painted silk ornaments since the fifth grade. I think I gave them as favors at my Oriental-themed birthday party. We also played "pin the fan on the lady" with little fans and a kimonoed lady I drew on poster board with markers.

May 2010: Shadow Ladies
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

It's still chilly here in the early mornings, appropriate for some frothy dark chocolate in a translucent Limoges cup, another find during that wander through Jeffery's...

May 2010: Chocolate Cup
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

May 2010: Chocolate Cup II
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

Finally, I'll bring the pearled purse into the bouquet of pale pinks...

May 2010: Great Aunt Elsie's Purse and Gloves
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson


  1. Oh, how funny! I just bought a few pale pink accessories while I was at the mall. It's a very popular color in the clothing department, too, especially with pale gold accents.
    LOVE the pictures, especially of the mug. It feels deliciously decadent.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    ah i love pink in all its shades but pale pink is so feminine..I love your delicate cup...so exquisite! and this clutch is fantastic!
    Thank you for for this lovely pink moment...

  3. Thank you, ladies! I've noticed pale pink (especially beige-pink) in accessories and clothing a lot recently -- I guess it's considered a "new neutral." I wish it looked better on me.